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Time and again you encounter the phrase “I have nothing to hide!” – But reality often proves the opposite. The partner, the partner, the manager, the work colleagues and the society exert immense pressure and massively restrict their own freedom. Those who want more freedom are looking for a solution. Whether it’s to be able to enjoy some time for yourself for a moment or when it comes to being able to relax for a few days without the pressure from the outside in peace. To be able to do something without having to justify it.

But the longing for more personal freedom means much more. Most people want to be able to shape their lives honestly and without lies. Regardless of prejudices – just being able to be the way you are. But to what extent is this even possible in our society?

Social pressure and lack of tolerance as a corset

While politics and society always preach tolerance, it turns out that we seem to be miles away from it. We are all still subject to a high level of social expectations and those who do not seem to meet them are considered losers or outsiders.

Just don’t show any weaknesses, just don’t be any different than expected. Those who deviate from the social norm are left behind: personally and professionally. There is no room for individuality, free development and personal weaknesses!

The reasons that stand in the way of individual personal development or the need for peace and discretion can be of various kinds. But whenever people turn to the agency’s freedom manager, one thing can almost always be determined:

Norms and prejudices established by society can become an extreme burden on the individual.

It is not uncommon for the pressure exerted by this to lead to an unhappy life or even promotes diseases such as depression and burnout.

Are you looking for a way out and a way to break out of the tight corset? Are you longing for more protection of your privacy? Do you need a double life to enjoy your real life undisturbed? Need an alibi to get calm from unpleasant questions?

We are there for you and together with you we create limitless freedom so that you can shape your life as you wish. No matter what situation you are in!

Alibi Agency – our service for you – worldwide

Wordwide alibi servcie

The aim of the alibi agency network is to support people who feel restricted in their way of life by external pressure with individual solutions to create free spaces where they are needed. The main locations of our alibi network are in Germany (alibiagentur), America / USA (alibiagency), Switzerland (Freedom-Manager), Austria (alibi-agentur) and Spain (agencia-coartada) with co-worker all over the world.

With creative ideas and tailor-made solutions, we help in all situations – whether you want to protect your privacy or, for whatever reason, need an alibi.

As an agency with over 25 years of experience and through close cooperation with our clients, we know what is important to create space for a happy and self-determined life.

Sometimes it is enough to rent an anonymous letterbox address or send a postcard from abroad to protect your privacy or to take a break without having to justify yourself.

But we are also there for you if you need a special solution to finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief or again.

Space to switch off

Professional stress, problems in the partnership, social pressure are getting too much for you? Are you tired of constantly having to invent excuses to finally have some peace? Do you feel like the pressure on you is making you sick? Do you see no way to escape the stress? The Freiraummanager support you with individual and tailor-made solutions.

Alibi Girlfriend / Alibi Boyfriend

Do you have to disguise your homosexuality because you are afraid of your social standing? We are happy to provide you with a fake girlfriend or a fake friend so that you can fake a heterosexual relationship on social media or in real life.

We are your ass in the hole

Stop speculation

Do you want to avoid wild speculation about your private life or do you need an alibi? We take care of phone calls, chats and alibis that cleverly lure third parties on the wrong track and eliminate any doubts.

Fake holiday

Is a hospital stay or a stay in a spa clinic imminent and would you like to avoid unpleasant questions about the reason for this? A fake holiday solves your problem. We will send you postcards with your handwriting from any desired country.

Protection of the home address

Is it important to you to protect your private home address? You can use us to rent a discreet postal address or registration address to protect your privacy. Of course, you can use the rental address for the indication in the imprint, for your fan mail and for many other purposes.

Alibi for undisturbed holidays

Do you want to spend your holiday alone and undisturbed? Without a partner, partner or annoying calls? In cooperation with real companies, we help you to stage a fine business trip or a seminar abroad so that you can enjoy your holiday resting and switch off properly.

Have appointments confirmed

Do you need a confirmation of an appointment for a business meeting, a weekend seminar, or a business trip to keep your back on your back? Together with our cooperation partners, we are very happy to ensure that you receive an official confirmation of appointment by phone, e-mail or letter and thus also an alibi..

Double life against prejudice

Do you practice a profession such as call girl, dominatose or callboy and do you fear that family and friends will turn away from you or that you.B will be exposed to social ostracism by the talk of your neighbours? The Alibi Agency supports you in building an innocuous double life – in which no rumours and resentments arise.

Individual problems require individual solutions

You can see from these examples that the reasons why people want more freedom in their own lives are manifold. It is either a question of escaping the pressures of the professional or social environment. Or to be able to make one’s own life better and to be able to develop freely without fear and without disadvantages.

Do you also have to experience the pressure from the outside pushing you into a tight corset that cuts off the air? Do you finally want more freedom and protection of your privacy? Then contact us. We advise you discreetly, trustingly and competently – for a life with more freedom!

Where do you want your personal freedom?

The need for more freedom is as different as the people and life itself. Apparently everyone expects unrestricted honesty, but hardly anyone is able to deal with it adequately. The same applies to tolerance. Everyone wants to claim it for themselves, but only a few people are tolerant if someone does not meet their own norm or expectation.

No matter what change you want for your life, we stand by you as a reliable partner and help you realize your dream of more self-determination, more freedom and more protection of your personal needs.

  • Do you feel constricted in your relationship?
  • Does your employer bother you too much in your free time?
  • Do you want to enjoy your free time undisturbed during your vacation? Is your sexual orientation getting in the way of your professional career?
  • Are you annoyed with the snooping neighborhood?
  • Do you finally want more privacy?
  • Do you need more discretion?

Whenever and wherever you want more personal freedom, we help you as an alibi agency to use more freedom for yourself – in private, professional or social life.

More freedom in a different partnership?

You love your partner above all else, but do you worry about jealousy? You suffer from the pressure of control of your partner and wish to be free of a few free hours or days without a jealousy scene? Without having to explain it?

It is not always a desire for a secret affair or a side step. Often it is simply a matter of using free time with oneself in order to free oneself from everyday life, professional hardship or stress. But how is this supposed to work if the partner responds to every longed-for break with mistrust, jealousy and insinuations?

Even the desire for sexual variety and being dropped outside the relationship or the desire to meet sexual needs does not have to jeopardize a partnership. If you wish to avoid uncomfortable enquiries or scenes of jealousy, commissioning one of our services can be extremely helpful for you.

Whatever you want to take a short break, as an alibi agency, we help you enjoy a weekend or a short break outside of your relationship without uncomfortable questions and without jealousy drama. We are happy to help you to a tailor-made alibi, a discreet hotel booking, a factual job seminar or the “official” confirmation for a professional meeting.

As a freedom manager, we offer tailor-made solutions to give you more freedom – for every situation!

More freedom in the workplace

For many people, professional success occupies an important area in life. Especially when a career is sought. However, those who wish to climb the career ladder are increasingly under pressure to be available at all times and also available to the employer outside working hours. This is often at the expense of leisure, recreation and holidays – there is no need for relaxing leisure.

Thanks to smartphones and e-mail, it is hardly possible to take a break from work outside working hours. Neither on a free weekend, nor during the well-deserved annual leave.

Often it seems to be the only way to spend a survival holiday away from civilization, in order to finally be able to switch off from the job and find peace. Far away from a mobile phone transmission mast and without access to the email inbox. Do you need tangible evidence for a trip through the internet-free wilderness without mobile phone reception? No matter where you actually spend your holiday?

Please contact us. We organize handwritten postcards and authentic holiday photos for you, which give you a credible alibi during your holiday season, so that you can really switch off from the stressful everyday work and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Homosexuality – a killer for work and private life

People who are attracted to the same sex still experience exclusion in all areas of life. Young people and adults retain their sexual inclinations towards relatives, employers, work colleagues and business partners for fear of social exclusion or out of fear of building up career prospects and important stages in their careers through a comming-out.

Fortunately, there are open-minded people and professional industries where sexual orientation plays no role. However, this is not always the case, so that gay men and women often decide (must) to maintain the appearance of supposed normality through a fake relationship.

If you fear disadvantage in the world of work or in the private environment because of your love for a same-sex partner, we will be at your side with advice & deeds.

We are very happy to create and maintain a social profile for you, from which your preference for the opposite sex is discreet but credible. If necessary, we hire a lady or gentleman on your behalf if you need an escort for a family celebration or business meeting.

There are hardly any limits to our services. We are also happy to take care of a woman or a man who permanently assumes the role of partner on your behalf, so that your love of the same sex does not represent any disadvantages in your private life or profession.

Anonymous shopping service & discreet holiday bookings

Do your neighbours follow you and try to spy on your professional or private situation? Or find out more about you than you like from your mail and parcel sands? The curious neighbour digs into your household waste to find out where to order your parcels?

In order to protect your privacy from the spying neighborhood, we are happy to take over your online orders and send packages in discreet packaging to your home address. This means that your online order will remain anonymous at all times – whether you buy precious metals, have medicines and medical devices sent to you or order videos and love toys in the erotic shop.

We also allow you to make discreet payments so that no one can tell you what you’re spending your money on based on your bank statements. We also book your next hotel holiday in our name, so that you can travel without anyone knowing where you are really spending your holiday. From discreet packaging to your online orders to anonymous bills for your next holiday, everything is possible!

More privacy & discretion

There are many reasons why people want more privacy & discretion in their lives. Whether it’s keeping little secrets for themselves or enjoying more protection for private life as a public figure.

Operators of online shops and websites often contact us because they are obliged to disclose a loadable address due to the imprint obligation. This often means the disclosure of the private home address, because those who travel on the Internet as bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, shop operators or artists do not automatically have a business address that differs from the home address.

Celebrities, actors and other public figures are doing the same. With every online order, they run the risk that their own privacy could be removed by indiscretion.

Here, too, we offer a variety of options for our clients. These range from rented mailbox to ordering and shopping service, which gives maximum protection to both privacy and your home address.

Your personal freedom – get in touch now!

Whether it’s private life or business. Wherever you need more freedom, discretion and privacy. The Alibi Agency is the expert at your side who develops individual concepts and tailor-made solutions for you.

We treat every request with absolute discretion and develop for you attractive conditional needs-oriented solutions – for every problem!


Stefan Eiben