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Bespoke Alibi
8. February 2021
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10. February 2021

Most people want to fake their presence during a holiday trip to fend off burglars. But there are also people who want to pretend their absence in order to create individual freedom. As a professional alibi agency, we support you if you want to make other people believe that you are absent.

Why do people want to fake their absence?

There are many different reasons behind the desire to be unreachable to others and to fake one’s own absence. Sometimes they are quite pragmatic, for example when you are very busy in your career but lack any understanding of the social environment. Sometimes this foreclosure conceals another problem, such as illness, addiction, unemployment or an ex-partner who does not want to accept separation. If you are in a situation where you need a special solution for your professional life or for your private life, please contact us so that we can also create the right solution for you.

Undisturbed working in the home office

One of the most common problems that self-employed and small businesses face is the desire to finally be able to work undisturbed in the home office. Apparently, the wrong opinion persists: those who are at home all day always have time.

Friends, acquaintances and often even family members take this as an opportunity to call at 10 a.m. in the morning and disrupt the everyday work of the self-employed. Most self-employed people are familiar with this problem, but they usually find it difficult to separate private and work consistently. Who wants to hit the caller in the head and say:

“You’re just disturbing, I’m at work!”

Instead, it is hoped that the social environment will come to the conclusion that, as a self-employed person in the home office, one wants and must use the working day efficiently. But it’s not just private calls that disrupt the workload. Customer calls also force people to interrupt work.

Do you feel that way and the frequent incoming calls make you not manage your workload? An efficient solution that allows you to focus on your work in the future is to forward your call to our virtual office. You can easily fake your absence and use our call service, which will answer your calls during the agreed time slots and inform you of important calls by email or WhatsApp message upon consultation.

In addition, we also offer letter acceptance and parcel acceptance with forwarding by arrangement. If you are really absent, you will not miss any more mail. We accept parcels and letters for you. There is also the possibility that we can open your mail for you, digitize it and forward it to you by e-mail.

More creative freedom for authors, journalists, freelance artists

Like the self-employed in the home office, journalists, book authors and freelance artists want more freedom and undisturbed work. Just write your next bestselling novel, get stuck in the middle of an elaborate research or work on a sculpture, we will gladly keep your back so that you can concentrate fully on your work. With individual and tailor-made solutions, we can fake your absence and help you gain more peace and quiet.

After separation pretend absence & gain distance to ex-partner

People fall in love, come together and sometimes separate after weeks, months or years. This is not easy for both sides. But experience shows that separation is particularly difficult for the partner who has been abandoned. If your ex-partner still finds your closeness to talk about the separation over and over again or to want to win you back, we will help you solve this problem. You no longer have to be pushed to a debate or constantly justify why you chose to separate.

Due to our more than 20 years of experience as an alibi agency, we are aware of almost every separation problem and have already been able to help draw the line under separation in many cases. We look back on a wealth of experience and have on the one hand inexhaustible inventiveness as well as structural and technical possibilities to fake your absence. If you need help due to your complicated separation situation, we are always there for you!

Pretend absence for health reasons

Life crisis, illness or addiction also cause people to encapsulate themselves for a certain period of time or even long term. Be it because you suffer from love grief, a hospital stay or the recovery after a long illness is imminent. Not everyone wants to take daily calls from friends and family in such a difficult life situation and talk about the love grief or illness. If you feel the need to shut yourself off in order to join forces, we will make sure that you succeed in peace.

The same is true of people who are addicted to alcohol, addicted to drugs or dependent on drugs and who are in withdrawal. For social and professional reasons, there is a legitimate and comprehensible interest in someone wanting to pretend to be absent in such a situation in order to be able to engage in withdrawal and the accompanying therapy measures without having to worry about other things. Join forces with our help – we keep your back free and make sure you have the space you need.

We are often contacted by clients suffering from burnout. Burnout sufferers suffer from massive exhaustion because they have previously run at full speed for long periods of time and worked perfectly. Recreation, leisure and extended holidays were neglected for months or years, and now the strength resources are exhausted, so that nothing works anymore.

People affected by burnout have lost the ability to recover effectively. Everything is too much for them and they want nothing more than to have peace of mind, to take on as little responsibility as possible and not to have to fulfil any obligations.

Are you suffering from burnout or are you on the verge of a burnout? Pull the rip line, because the longer you stand on the accelerator pedal, the more difficult and long-winded the recovery process becomes. Keep annoying appointments off your neck with our help so you can replenish your batteries.

Pretend absence in case of unemployment

Unemployment is a huge problem, especially for top managers, managers and people in high-end jobs. The social reputation is at stake, but the talk of the neighborhood is also considered highly problematic when there is speculation at the garden fence about why you don’t leave the house every day at 7 am to go to work as usual. This is not only the case for employees in high positions, but also for men and women with normal professional jobs. Avoid rumours!

Let us work together to ensure that unemployment does not create social problems for you and that you have enough time to find a job. For example, we can support you by initiating a professional double life for you by pretending your absence and giving you an alibi. So you can go looking for a new employer without being noticed by third parties and you have to be annoyed by the talk of the neighbors.

There is often another serious problem: if unemployment persists for longer, there is a gap in your CV, which can make it much more difficult to find a job. Many recruiters already rate a duration of 3 months as critical and prefer applicants who do not have gaps in their CV. Curriculum vitae gaps can be avoided with the right idea. Contact us – we will help you to avoid any disadvantages for you as a result of unemployment.

Don’t fancy family celebrations or corporate events?

Friends and family are great. Nevertheless, parties and family reunions can get on your nerves. Are you not in the mood for boring family celebrations or you have been invited by your employer to a company event that you would like to avoid?

With a good idea, we help you to make an absolutely credible excuse and provide you with a hard-hitting alibi if necessary. In this way, it is possible to skillfully avoid rejecting the host or the boss or disappointing family members.

As alibi experts, we are not embarrassed about excuses and waterproof alibis! In more than 20 years, we have made it possible for many people to avoid being present at boring events.

In close cooperation with real companies and other partners in our global network, we will arrange an important, urgent appointment for you and a suitable alibi such as:

  • Medical appointment
  • Business meeting
  • Seminar participation
  • Participation in a workshop
  • Further training measure
  • Business trip
  • Emergency in operation
  • Family emergency

Of course, we confirm this appointment by telephone, in person or in writing, in accordance with the individual arrangement. In addition to the perfect alibi, you also have proof that proves your excuse beyond doubt.

Pretend absence to hide affair or sidestep

Pretending to be an absence can also help save your relationship. Maybe you had an escapade or an affair and were seen by someone going to a hotel with your lover? Now the affair or the side step threatens to blow up, because the person wants to tell your partner about the meeting in the hotel or has already told about it.

The fake proof that you may not have been in this place that day because you were elsewhere can be your salvation in this tricky matter. With a fake alibi, we confirm your excuse and provide hard-hitting proof to prove your innocence.

Pretend absence for positive occasions & events

In addition to unpleasant occasions, why one would like to pretend an absence, there are of course also positive and extremely pleasing reasons for this. It is often a question of relying undisturbed on learning for

  • High School
  • Education
  • Final exam of training
  • Master’s examination
  • Driving test

or similar important events. Very often men and women turn to us because they want to pretend to be busy or absent for one of the most beautiful occasions: the marriage proposal!

Are you in love with both ears and have a wonderful idea for a wedding proposal where you need a lot of time to plan everything down to the smallest detail. It is a matter of our hearts to support you in this great mission.

We keep your back with a bespoke alibi so that you can rehearse a love song, find the right location for your wedding proposal, organize the honeymoon and instruct your helpers or if you want to secretly take a dance short. Are you planning another surprise? No problem – call us!

Pretend absence: Freiraummanager – the experienced experts at your side

Using the above examples, we have given you some reasons why pretending to be absent in certain situations can be a sensible solution. Put in another situation that we haven’t talked about here, don’t be afraid to contact us if you want to get our professional help. We are neither a moral apostle nor do we evaluate you or your actions. Our sole concern is to help people who are in an emergency, who want freedom or want to fulfil their dreams, to achieve their goals.

We are available 24 hours a day – in Switzerland, neighbouring Austria, Germany and worldwide.