Alibi agency, lying means freedom, no stress and is often also a form of politeness.

Being able to hide the truth, to nip all doubts in the bud and to live your own life stress-free is the business model of Stefan Eiben’s Alibi Agency. Our alibi service offers women and men as waterproof as fabricated excuses and evidence.
Our employees do not know about the bites of conscience when they work as open space managers. The professional liars of this unusual service have been helping their customers to a carefree life for more than 20 years.
The lie is not evil or negative, but often a necessity to protect his privacy, reputation or family. We want to be nice, not hurt our fellow human beings and avoid strife.

The secrets of the customers remain hidden.

Lies are not negative, but necessary“, Stefan Eiben is convinced. Almost 21 years ago, he founded the Alibi Agency in Germany, making it the world’s first.

Globally active

Today, the agency operates all over the world, although the focus is on Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. But it is not uncommon for customers from France, Dubai, Poland, China or Russia to need the support of the Alibi Agency.

False Lie Detector Tests and Invented Calls

Not having to justify yourself is a common reason to visit Stefan Eiben’s alibi agency. The employees of the Alibi Agency hear countless life situations every week. Some fates are hard to grasp, others very sad or make you smile.
The profession of free space manager describes this activity in more detail. We never have any moral concerns. It is rather difficult for us if we cannot help a person.
If the other cannot deal with the truth, he should not be surprised if it is concealed from him“, is the opinion of Stefan Eiben.
The Alibi Agency offers:

  • False Lie Detector Tests.
  • A lie flat rate for double life.
  • Invented calls from supposed colleagues.

Actors and actresses are often used. Real partner companies support every alibi with documents, certificates or invitations.
Life is sometimes more unreal than the film.

What does not fit is made to fit
The profilers help in every imaginable situation and also send mail from all over the world to where the customer wants to know them sent – without the customer ever leaving the house, mind you. Including original handwriting of the client, of course. The network of more than 1,600 freelancers worldwide helps like onboard couriers who fly around the world for mailings.
All this is a breeze for the experts from the Alibi Agency. From fake business cards, billings and fictitious work certificates to fake awards ceremonies on the red carpet with actor audiences and camera crews: the impossible is also possible – and sometimes wonders.
Some customers use the alibi professional to cover up their secret affair. For the Alibi Agency, all cases are top secret and are treated with absolute discretion. For many alibis it takes good preparation, experienced staff, logistics and improvisation talent.

To the story: Spontaneous idea after a broken men’s evening
The start of the alibi agency was a private experience of Stefan Eiben with two friends. Both, however, cancelled at short notice on the arranged evening. The reasoning of the two happened to be very similar: their friends did not want their friends to go out.
For Stefan Eiben, this ruptured men’s evening was the start of the world’s first alibi agency. The aim is to help people in such and much more difficult situations and to help them live a freer life.
As a trained computer scientist, he briefly set up a website for excuses online that night, where he offered his help. The success he has had since then still amazes him to this day. Stefan Eiben never thought it possible to create a worldwide network of reliable helpers and companies and help to deliver perfect alibis.
At first, many may think of affairs and sideways, but in reality a lot of men and women take the alibi agency to help with very different problems.

Everything that is legal is done
Over the course of two decades, the Alibi Agency has spun an entire network of lies. A permanent core of ten employees and a database of almost 2000 freelance employees are currently active. They all see themselves as helpers of those who do not want to come to light with the truth.
There are rarely orders that the free space managers reject: only if the alibis are misused to break the law – that is, if someone needs an alibi in the criminal lyre sense. Of course, Stefan Eiben and his team do not have that. But the alibis that his alibi agency carries out are watertight: in all these years, not a single one has ever burst.

Get out of the borders and into freedom
Many customers become entangled by their own lies and become suspicious. But with the help of the Alibi Agency, those affected are also freed from almost impassable situations.
Before raising the moral index finger, consider that the complexity of life is often underestimated. You shouldn’t lie, it’s easy to say, but in the alibi agency, the
Staff stories of desperate people crying on the phone and sometimes unable to say a word in despair.

Diverse clientele, tailor-made alibis
Women and men used the agency services equally. The only difference is that the female clientele often already knows exactly how the alibi could work and the men ask for advice in search of help.
Clients include unemployed people who want to hide this state of affairs, housewives with their secrets, policemen who lead a double life, lawyers who secretly go to businessmen and students.
If you want to hide your secret second job as an escort lady, for example, you are just as well taken care of by the alibi agency as someone who wants to see his illegitimate child regularly.
The solutions offered by our alibi agency are imaginative and professional. Often we think a few steps further than the customers and can offer waterproof solutions.
If necessary, former customers also help out. When asked, they pretend on the phone that a person is employed by them. The majority of partner companies are run by former customers, which strengthens mutual trust and greatly simplifies cooperation.

The longing for freedom is human
Through society and its morality, many people are unable to live their own lives freely without constraints.
The alibi agency lets them sleep calmly and happily again. You only have one life – use it.
We look forward to hearing from you.