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rent a crowd
Renting a crowd
10. February 2021
rent a girlfriend
Hire a girlfriend
10. February 2021

At first, it sounds strange. Who wants to hire a friend!? However, due to our many years of experience as an alibi agency, we know that this concern is by no means a rarity. More and more people have fewer and fewer friends, although there are countless situations in life where it is good to have a friend by your side. But friendships cannot be forced and often a disease, age or disability makes it difficult to connect with other people, which makes it almost impossible to make friends.

Although you can’t buy a real friendship, it’s still possible to hire a friend – regardless of your current life situation. If you are in a situation where you want to rent a girlfriend or a friend for yourself or for a relative, you can realize this wish through the Swiss agency Freiraummanager. We work without limits – in Germany, in our neighbouring countries Switzerland , Spain and Austria, as well as worldwide.

Renting a friend – why do people do that?

There are really many reasons why people want to rent a friend. In no way is this a service used only by the rich or people who have no real friendships in real life. In most cases, behind this wish lies a concrete occasion or a valid, usually even sad reason. For example, because you have been invited to a party with an escort, because the family is constantly annoyed with the question why you have not yet found a partner or a partner, or because you want to hide your homosexuality with a fake friend.

Gay men and women still fear social exclusion, social ostracism, disadvantages in professional life or the violation of their own family if they become lesbian or gay because of their way of life. This puts most of those affected into a huge conflict of conscience. On the one hand, you want to be your partner. On the other hand, you want to be professionally successful, to make a career and to maintain contact with the family. Even if it is conservative and rejects homosexual partnerships.

If you are in such a situation, or are you afraid that your family will not accept your same-sex affection, it may well be the best decision to fake a fake relationship in order to be left alone.

But often it is also people who have moved to a region and have not yet found a connection. Seniors also hire a friend or girlfriend as a partner or travel companion in order to overcome their loneliness and enjoy the evening of their lives. No matter why you want to hire a friend, we will find the perfect companion for every occasion and every situation.

Similarly, relatives are thinking about hiring a friend for the parents or their disabled child in need of care, in order to organise social contacts and variety in the event of a restricted lifestyle, or to allow themselves a little break from the care situation. Below we give you a small overview of the reasons why clients use this special service through the agency Freiraummanager.

Friend rent for company party

Whether it’s a company Christmas party, company anniversary or another company event – the employer often invites his employees with an accompanying person. Those who go to such an event as a single often feel out of place. While most of those present, accompanied by a spouse or partner, appear at the company festival, one is once again presented as a loner, because the appropriate accompaniment for such occasions is missing. This often leads to talk within the workforce, but this can be avoided!

  • Are you missing the right companion?
  • Don’t you want to appear alone for the celebration as a single?
  • Can your partner not accompany you for health reasons?
  • Does your partner simply not want to celebrate among noisy strangers?
  • Are you a public figure and would you like to keep the identity of your partner secret from the public?
  • If you do not wish to receive the invitation with your same-sex partner or
  • Your same-sex partner to protect your private life and avoid professional disadvantages?

Through the agency Freiraummanager you can discreetly hire a friend or a friend. The booking of an accompaniment is possible by the hour at all times of the day and also on weekends and public holidays.

Rent a friend for party or family party

Does the family put pressure on you because you are still not in firm hands? Are you tired of the eternal question of when you finally have a partnership and want to start a family? Do you have a same-sex relationship that you want to keep secret from your parents, grandparents, and siblings? At the same time, do you feel annoyed by the constant questioning of your relatives because you seem to be “old” as a single?

By hiring a friend through the Agency Freiraummanager, you can end this constant demand once and for all. It is easy to book a fake friend once by the hour, day or several times through our service agency if you want to present your family not only once with a friend, but also to give the appearance of a lasting relationship.

The fake friend will accompany you to dinner with your family, family celebrations or trips you make with family members. It is also possible to capture a fake holiday trip in photos to show the family’s holiday pictures or to post them on social media. Please contact us! There is hardly anything we cannot do for you.

Company during a business trip

If you travel frequently for professional reasons, you know the boredom outside of business appointments is enough. You sit in the hotel room for hours, either during the day or in the evening, and the ceiling falls on your head. Many of our clients did the same before they came across our “Hire a Friend” service.

Even before the start of your next business trip, you can hire a friend – or a female companion – through our agency.

The advantages are obvious:

  • During your business trip, you will have a local contact person.
  • Let your local fake friend show you the city you’re in.
  • Take a sightseeing tour or extensive shopping for two.
  • Enjoy a great dinner in a chic restaurant in pleasant company.
  • Spend the evenings with your rented friend in the bar or in a trendy club.
  • Go to the cinema, the theatre or the opera with your rented accompaniment.

Spend the hours outside business meetings with shared leisure activities to make the most of your business trip free time.

The Swiss agency Freiraummanager offers its services not only in Switzerland. We work with our global partner network across countries and can offer our services in all metropolises worldwide. Contact us before embarking on your next business trip so that we can take care of organising a nice male or female companion for you at your destination.

Get out of social isolation: Rent a friend

Different circumstances can make you feel socially isolated. This can really affect everyone. Whether it’s because you move to a foreign city because of a change of job, separation from a partner or start studying in a foreign city. In such cases, it sometimes leads you to another place, which is several hundred kilometers away from the old homeland – and thus also from the old friends. Alone in a foreign city? That does not have to be the case!

Even as they get older, the real friendships become less and less. Either because good old friends are increasingly withdrawing from joint activities due to age or illness. To prevent social isolation, it is perfectly legitimate to hire a friend or friend for joint activities or even travel.

After changing places, get to know the new city: rent a friend!

If you have just arrived in a new city due to a move, the familiar feeling of home is missing. Everything is foreign, you do not yet know your new place of residence. You don’t know the local shopping facilities, nor the best locations for going out and partying.

Whether the move was for personal or professional reasons or if it took you to a university town as a student, you will most likely be plagued by homesickness and the longing for family and friends from home in the first weeks and months. It is true that the contact with the family and the circle of friends can be maintained by phone and WhatsApp. But often after a change of location there is no contact person for everyday and organizational things and it also takes a while before you have built up a new circle of friends at the new place of residence, with which one can experience joint enterprise.

We are happy to make contact with a man or woman who is located in your new region and helps you to explore your new home in no time. Plan joint activities such as e.g.:

  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Pub Tour
  • Excursions to the region
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Restaurant visits
  • Admissions
  • Theatre visits
  • Museum visits

While you are traveling with your rented friend, there are plenty of opportunities to make new contacts, meet new people and make new, real friends.

In addition, you can also receive assistance with administrative procedures on request. The contact person at your new place of residence knows his way around and helps you to find your way around the city quickly, so that you will soon feel at home.

No more travelling alone: Rent a friend as a holiday companion

Would you like to travel as a single, but would you like a male travel companion? Now ask us to find a friendly travel companion for you, with whom you can share your interests during a holiday trip.

To find a suitable travel companion, we need some information from you, what kind of holiday you want to experience and how you want to organise your trip. Are you interested in culture, are you planning a sports holiday that focuses on water sports, hiking, canyoning or cycling? Or would you like a holiday partner at your side who will visit trendy hotspots, shopping malls or sightseeing highlights with you?

Contact us by mail, phone or WhatsApp and let us know what your expectations are for your rental friend, when and how long your trip is planned and what destination you have in mind. This allows us to find a travel companion who shares your interests and will help make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Never be alone in old age: Accept Company rent

Older people are often socially excluded because good friends have died and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a new friend as they get older. Social isolation and loneliness are pre-programmed, especially in old age. If you are affected yourself and would like to finally find a social partner for joint activities or if you are looking for a friend for your father or mother, we will be happy to support you with your concerns.

Our partner network also includes older gentlemen who offer their company for elderly seniors and seniors. Be it as an interlocutor at eye level, for playing cards, for board games, for cooking together or for activities suitable for seniors such as walks, hiking trips and trips.

No more exclusion for disabled people: Renting a friend & enjoying life

People with disabilities also do the same, as do the elderly and the elderly. Due to a physical or mental restriction, social participation is often only possible when accompanied by another person, because a disability is often accompanied by reduced mobility. The cash benefits are limited and are usually limited to medical assistance, so that people with disabilities are either tied to the bed or “trapped” in the apartment.

Meaningful leisure activities, excursions, going out together and similar activities are usually experienced by people with physical and/or mental disabilities only if family members take care of themselves and there is still some time for activities in addition to work, household and family care. For people who care for a relative, this is often an unsatisfactory situation, because the stressful everyday life makes it hardly possible to meet all requirements. Although carers care for themselves, a bad conscience is still spreading because time is not enough or their own strength resources are exhausted.

If you take care of a relative with a disability, you can hire a friend from us who spends time with your dependent relative and undertakes joint activities. Give yourself a little time out without having to have a bad conscience to recharge your batteries.

Please let us know in your message what restriction is in place and what kind of leisure activities your relative is interested in. You are also welcome to contact the Agency Freiraummanager by phone to discuss your request in person.

Who offers themselves as a rental friend?

You may be wondering why a man hires himself as a friend. Our employees who offer this special service are characterized by high social skills, social commitment and care. They want to take social responsibility and help other people to become more life-satisfaction.

The job as a rental friend is much more than just a job to earn money. It is a vocation to spend time with other people for payment. Although a paid friendship is not equated with a genuine, naturally grown friendship, our employees and partners perform an “invaluable” human achievement. With every assignment as a friend for rent, our employees and partners give social attention and always reveal a large part of your personality, without which such a human profession would never be fulfilled.

Renting a friend – how does it work?

The most important thing is to contact our agency. Contact us either by email, write us a WhatsApp message or call us so that we can discuss your specific request. After we have found a suitable gentleman, we will notify you.

You will then have the opportunity to contact the selected person by phone or e-mail so that you can get to know each other before you can use it. We recommend this especially if you hire a friend to accompany you to a company party or a family celebration.

If you have had your first contact with your companion before, it is particularly easy for you and your companion to take on the role of friends authentically, as a certain familiarity has already developed by getting to know each other. We also recommend contacting you in advance if you would like to book a travel companion or company for an elderly or disabled person.

If you have any further questions or for a non-binding offer, we are always at your disposal.