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10. February 2021
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funeral guests
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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021

Around the world, people want entry to the hottest clubs, but many are permanently denied it. Private member clubs choose their audience and only those who get possession of one of the rare club cards are also allowed through the door and get access to the private club. The tradition of allowing access to exclusive bars, restaurants and hotels only to an elite county goes back several centuries. Even at the time, it was reserved for a very small and elite circle to enter the clubs, where artists, intellectuals, diplomats and high-ranking businessmen were admitted. Those who were members of an exclusive club had made it and enjoyed a high reputation. But beauty, wealth and social prestige alone are far from enough to enjoy VIP club membership. Then as now, recommendations and vitamin B are considered the best door openers to get access to the trendy private clubs.

As a global agency with more than 20 years of experience, we have built up a global partner network over the years that specializes in realizing small, large and special customer needs. If you are looking for a solution to effectively enhance your reputation through exclusive VIP Club memberships, we will arrange high-calibre club memberships for you – either for appearance or indeed!

VIP Club Memberships and Secret Admission Criteria

People who have tried in vain to get admission to the top locations to celebrate ask themselves the question “How do you get into an exclusive club?”. But there is usually no concrete answer to this. The criteria according to which the top locations pursue their admission policy are generally hidden from the public.

Whether Lausanne, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Bangkok, Beijing or Sydney – in all hotspots worldwide, selection by bouncers takes place at the doors to renowned clubs and bars.

It is true that many clubs deny that only celebrities and a well-placed audience are allowed into the club at all. But reality often confirms the opposite. In most cases, only those who belong to the elite come. Only an audience selected according to strict criteria and the decision is made by the bouncer, who at his own discretion grants party guests access at the door or sends the audience away.

Some clubs only grant access if at least 2 regular guests with VIP club memberships make a recommendation and act as a guarantor for the applicant. In order to be admitted to the select club, a club fee must often be paid after the admission confirmation, which can amount to several hundred or thousands of euros per year. Exclusive clubs that charge an annual fee often offer younger clients a discount on the VIP Club Card.

A small consolation for all those who can’t get past the bouncer of the already crowded club: Celebrities and the rich are often turned away at the door by the security! So celebrity status alone does not automatically provide access to the club scene. Even Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffmann, U2 drummer Larry Mullen, the Scorpions and other celebrities stopped outside the club and were turned away by the bouncer. Ultimately, guests must match the clientele, which the club owner prescribes as “fit for admission”. Also, if you’re too old, you’re standing outside.

The best chances to gain access to exclusive clubs

A VIP Club Card offers the best chance of easily entering the world’s most famous clubs on weekends. Well-known regulars and VIP Club membership holders do not have to queue in front of the club, but pass the queue of waiting people, are greeted by the bouncer by a handshake and let through without waiting by the security to be able to celebrate in exclusive club company until the morning hours.

However, those who do not enjoy access to the best discotheques and clubs through a valid VIP Club membership can still try their luck to be waved through by the bouncer.

Ladies have the best chances! Attractive women who, alone or accompanied by good-looking girlfriends, are seeking admission, have a better chance of opening the door and allowing them to enter, even without VIP club memberships. After all, attractive women seem attractive as a magnet for men who have the money loose in the best mood for celebration. But beware: bouncers have no problem with admitting only one or two ladies from a group of girlfriends, while for the other girlfriends the club door remains locked!

The early bird catches the worm! Those who appear at the club door in the early evening are more likely to open the door than club guests who show up at a later hour when the shop is full. Even couples and single men without VIP club membership are let in if they meet the ideas of the bouncer, behave politely and adhere to the desired dress code of the club. Which dress code is desired? Check out the club’s website to see the stylings of the party guests, which can be seen in photos in the galleries! Adapting to the audience that is embedded increases the probability that one can also count oneself among the chosen audience – at some point and with a fair amount of luck.

On weekends and at special events, it is most difficult to be successfully waved through the entrance control with the bouncer’s nod. This only works in the hottest clubs for party-goers who can accredit themselves with one of the coveted VIP Club memberships.

How to get vip club memberships?

One of the ways to pave the way for the elite circle of club members is to make yourself a regular guest. Once you are known as a welcome regular in the club, you often get access to the club at prime time on weekends or you get a place on the guest list when a party for exclusively invited guests increases in the club.

But this is exactly where the cat bites its tail! If you are not a regular guest, the club door remains closed for you. And if the door of the club stays, you can’t become a regular. There is only one thing that helps: vitamin B. Only when you know someone who gives you a place on the guest list or gives you access to the club will you have the opportunity to climb into the “Inner Circle” of the club.

How to become a regular in the club

You can improve your chances if you regularly show up as a club guest during the week, but also at the weekend at an early hour, dance through many nights in the club and party with well-known regulars. Sooner or later, you may make the decisive contact with in the party society with a clubber who opens the doors for you because he or she has the best connections to the club owner or to the band of bouncers.

The most reliable thing is to get to know regular guests if you always go to the club on the same day. Often the bouncers also have fixed days on which they work. If you appear regularly on the same days of the week, the bouncer knows your face and so the chances increase that you will be let into the world of the rich and beautiful and you can join in the club.

Tip: Take it with composure if the bouncer does not let you into the hallowed halls of the Nobel Club one or the other time. Remember that the men and women at the club door must follow the instructions of the club operator. If it doesn’t work one time, then maybe it works on another clubbing day. Stay friendly at all, so as not to joke with those responsible at the entrance.

No guarantee of VIP Club membership

As you can see, it is by no means easy to get vip club membership. This is usually only possible by practicing patience, going to the same club regularly during the week and establishing yourself as a club guest for a longer period of time. But even then, it is difficult to get one of the coveted membership cards. Low age, social status, awareness and filled wallet are by no means guarantors to be accepted as club members. In addition, it is not always possible to regularly go to the trendy clubs. For example, if you are frequently on a business trip and you are not there. Or if you are planning a trip to a metropolis abroad and want to experience hot club nights there. Because during a trip abroad, it is hardly possible to become a regular in the city’s trendiest club or to meet the right people who can give you access to the VIP.

Receive VIP Club Card through the Alibi Agency

Not every one of our customers longs for access to the hottest clubs in the world. Sometimes you only want a membership card to accidentally lie on a table or drop it out of your pocket, generating attention. After all, it is a testament to a certain success and status to be able to identify yourself as an exclusive member of a renowned club.

Due to our close cooperation with a global partner network, we are able to provide you with an impressive VIP membership or arrange high-quality VIP club memberships for you. In many cases, we have already been able to be available to our clients as door openers, if matching criteria make admission to the exclusive clubs possible in principle.

Thanks to our worldwide connection, we have the necessary vitamin B in many metropolises and hot spots to open the doors to the best clubs, bars and restaurants for you. If you want access to the top addresses in Switzerland, Germany or non-European metropolises such as Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro or wherever, please contact us and we will let our contacts play for you!

How do you benefit from VIP Club Memberships and VIP Club Cards?

Belonging to the most exclusive clubs can have many advantages for you. Even having a VIP Club card is a valuable tool if you want to talk to a woman or a man while flirting or want to impress your counterpart. They show that you are who – and that makes you interesting!

But also in the professional field and when climbing the career ladder, a VIP Club card or a real VIP Club membership can be an advantage for you. Use the map to talk to celebrities, artists and high society. Of course, with a real club membership, you also get real access to the best scene clubs, where you can connect with the rich and successful, who you don’t normally meet on the street or in other bars and discotheques.

In addition, many clients of our agency use the representative club membership card to provide themselves with private or professional freedom. If you have a club card, you can easily set important meetings with outstanding business partners. Even with a fake VIP Club membership, reasons for regular breaks can be given. For example, if you need a good excuse for a boring business lunch. Simply indicate that you have been invited to an exclusive club party that you cannot knock out as a reason for your absence.

Are you planning a business trip or a private trip to a world metropolis and would you like to dive into the nightlife and the club scene at your destination? Contact us early before you travel so that we can open the doors to the best locations in the city.

You can reach us around the clock via email and WhatsApp. We are also happy to be at your disposal by phone or in a confidential 4-eye conversation.