Manipulating the lie detector

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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021

In his lifetime, the German philologist Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (b. 1844, † 1900) came to the realization “People lie unspeakably often.” There are many small hoaxes that we use in everyday life to kindly conceal the unpleasant and unpleasant truths. For example, when we greet someone with the words “Hello, nice to see you!”, even though we can’t even suffer the person. These small everyday lies are perfectly normal and have rather positive effects, because they enable social coexistence without unnecessary confrontations and prevent avoidable disputes. Larger lies, however, can become a problem. Anyone caught lying loses their own credibility and loses confidence. If this has happened to you, you can prove your credibility by means of a lie detector test, if this is necessary in an important situation. By using our support to do a polygraph test and our experts to manipulate the lie detector, you are backing up your truth – beyond doubt and absolutely credible.

Reclaim your freedom and credibility

Customers who contact us and want to successfully perform a lie detector test are usually in a predicament. Either because they actually want to hide something through a lie, or because friends, life partners or work colleagues have no confidence and don’t want to believe your answers to questions. Often our clients also call us for help, because they are cornered by another person through permanent questions and do not want to give the real reasons in a delicate situation.

Behind the task of trying to manipulate the lie detector during a test is often the desire to be able to conclude definitively with a topic that is repeatedly raised by third parties, because one’s own credibility is questioned. In such cases, the manipulated lie detector test can provide unquestionable evidence and confirm that what has been said is true.

As a renowned alibi agency that has been in operation for more than 20 years, we help people in need to create ways out of difficult situations through watertight alibis and manipulated lie detector tests and to gain more freedom to finally enjoy life again.

If you need our help to prove your credibility, we will work for you in Switzerland, Germany, Austria as well as in Spain and many other places worldwide. If you want to manipulate a lie detector for certain reasons, we can plan and carry it out for you at short notice and easily!

Truth or lie – does the lie detector find out?

For about a hundred years, there has been a lie detector, which authorities in criminal investigation proceedings, for example, have been using to find out whether a person is lying or telling the truth. But the lie detector is not only used in criminal proceedings, but often also in the private sphere, when lies are to be uncovered or truths are to be confirmed.

The functioning of the polygraph is based on the assumption that certain physical signals are indicated by the nervousness of lying. Although these are so small that they are usually not recognizable to the interlocutor, they are measurable by the technical measuring device – the lie detector.

Recording of various body reactions during the lie detector test

The subject is connected to the lie detector so that the technical device uses sensors to detect stress indicators, while the investigator tries to get to the truth or the lie by means of certain interrogation techniques.

The lie detector test measures various physical reactions of the (alleged) liar:

  • Changed breathing rate
  • Altered blood pressure
  • Altered pulse
  • Change in skin resistance
  • Physical tremor

During the survey, the polygraph records the data, which are then evaluated by a specially trained polygraphist. If the questions are answered honestly, no conspicuous biosignals can be observed in the recording. If the subject lies, this is reflected in the measurement data due to the changed reactions.

The tricking of the lie detector is therefore not easily possible. Only specially trained persons from certain occupational groups can be able to manipulate the test result through various techniques and mastery of their own body.

Manipulating lies detectors with the alibi agency

Contrary to the widespread belief that a polygraph’s records recognize truth and lies, the device only records measurement data that can give the investigator clues to a possible false answer. However, the lie detector can be manipulated, which allows the result of the lie detector test to be directed in the desired direction. Because the polygraph can’t read thoughts and various tricks make it easy to deceive the lie detector.

If you are in a situation where you want to prove your “truth” by means of a lie detector test, contact the agency Freiraummanager. With our know-how and our many years of experience as professional alibi donors, we have the right specialists at your disposal to help you trick the lie detector.

Pass the lie detector test & convince with the truth

Proving the truth with a passed lie detector test can be an enormous help in many seemingly hopeless situations. Using the following examples, you will find out in which difficult situations we were able to help our clients to find a way out of an emergency by manipulating the lie detector.

Prove infidelity with real lie detector test

Faithful or unfaithful – this is in many cases the all-important question when clients commission a real or fake lie detector test. For example, it happens that a woman turns to us for help, whose husband is jealous for no reason. It is hardly possible to express loyalty to people who insinuate gratuitous jealousy, only with words alone, because they do not want to believe that their partner – or even their partner – is faithful. A real test with a lie detector can help convince the jealous partner that there is no reason for jealousy.

In the presence of the jealous partner, the polygraph test is carried out and evaluated by the experienced investigator, so that the jealous partner can convince himself that the insinuation of infidelity is unfounded, jealousy is baseless and the partner is faithful.

Manipulating the lie detector & passing the loyalty test

However, it also happens that men or women want to prove their innocence after a side step or despite a secret affair of the partner through a fake lie detector test.

If the wife or husband suspects anything of the infidelity and wants to get clarity about whether an affair or a side step actually gives reason for jealousy, the accusations can be eliminated with a rigged test result.

Just put yourself in this situation, make the suggestion to undergo a lie detector test. After you have contacted us, we will provide you with a professional test procedure provider with a polygraph that recognizes 99 percent of your truth – whether it is genuine or false.

Proving innocence with fake lie test

An important appointment has been missed, important documents have been lost or the precious vase was accidentally knocked over and the mishap is great. The person responsible does not always have the courage to admit their own guilt. Especially not if serious consequences are to be feared. Maneuvering yourself out of such a delicate matter with a lie is not the fine English way, but the fear of consequences is humanly understandable.

Moreover, as a liar, one is often also afflicted with a great deal of shame when at first a lie was used as an excuse to avoid an unpleasant situation. But how difficult it is then to admit the lie later and then stand by the truth is probably easy to understand.

By manipulating the lie detector with the help of our experts, customers can confirm the invented excuse and thus also prove their own innocence. If you want to wash your hands of innocence, suggest a lie test to your counterpart to have an expert confirm the correctness of your answers to their questions.

Restoring credibility

This, too, is a real example from our day-to-day work: a client turned desperately to the Swiss agency Freiraummanager and told us that she had lied to her husband several times in the past, so that he had lost confidence in his wife. The woman could not explain to herself why she had repeatedly lied to her husband for no reason; but she could not change her behaviour. And so one building of lies collapsed after another, which led to her husband’s loss of trust.

When she was then confronted by her doctor with the suspicion of a serious diagnosis and she told her husband at home, the husband did not believe her a word of it. He thought the diagnosed illness was another story of lies that the woman wanted to get more attention from her husband.

The wife turned to our agency in her desperation and asked to prove to her husband that she was actually ill and was now on the road to recovery by means of a factual lie detector test. The intention behind this was that the man should trust his wife a little more. The plan worked out and the relationship between the two spouses improved again.

Manipulating the flow of the lie detector

To prove your truth using a lie detector test, you don’t have to buy a lie detector. Order now from the agency Freiraummanager a professional lie detector test, which you can perform by an experienced investigator conveniently at your location or at a hotel near you. The investigator we commission for you is represented with an authentic website on the Internet and therefore has a reputation that leaves no doubt about the seriousness.

The expert has real business cards, which confirm the professional appearance on the Internet. Of course, you will receive a proper invoice for the booked order, which you can also submit to your counterpart in order to underpin your credibility and the seriousness of the lie test.

In the run-up to the lie test, you will discuss with our examiner which questions are asked during the lie test and which of these questions should be answered as truthful. You also coordinate the desired test result with the investigator. This manipulates the test evaluation live and according to your specifications, so that all doubts about your statements are wiped away.

Take your truth test now, where you don’t have to worry about the result – you can only pass this test!

Tricking the lie detector – request information now

Put in the clamp and you wish that we will help you out of trouble with a fake lie detector test, don’t hesitate! Contact us either by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp. Based on your specific situation, we advise you individually and solution-oriented on how we can manipulate the lie detector for you during the lie test and thus confirm your truth.