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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021

Letters and parcels are usually sent with a traditional delivery company. But this is not always the best solution if you want to send documents and items, order a pickup, or need a special service. The services of a normal delivery company are limited and thus limit the possibilities of use. The private courier is a useful alternative if you expect more service than the one you are used to. A private courier not only handles the transport of letters, parcels and important documents, but the private courier also offers numerous other services to make your life as pleasant as possible. Private courier drivers are not only employed by private individuals, but can also be commissioned by the self-employed, small businesses and larger companies.

The main advantages you have of commissioning a courier service:

  • Wide range of services
  • Short-term assignment
  • Uncomplicated handling
  • Personal support
  • Speed of pick-up and delivery
  • Pick-up and delivery after agreed date
  • Non-regular business hours
  • Individual consultation with the courier driver possible
  • Safe transport of sensitive goods
  • Personal handover to sender and recipient
  • Reliable transport of sensitive documents possible

In the following we inform you about the possibilities open up to you by the private courier service of the agency Freiraummanager. Do you miss a particular performance? Write us an e-mail, a WhatsApp message or call us – we will always find a solution for our customers!

Your reliable private courier – for more freedom & individual solutions

The services offered by our private couriers include a wide range of services and range from the transport of personal or business documents and packages to shopping services, anonymous shopping and discreet messengers. The individual support of our customers is in the foreground – our goal is to always carry out special requests to your unrestricted satisfaction.

Put the greatest value on efficient lifestyle management and do not want to waste your precious time, hire our private courier for pick-up, shipping and errands – regardless of opening hours and mass handling. Benefit from personal support, excellent service, time savings, discretion and tailor-made solutions!

Range of services private courier for our customers

Whenever you need a reliable transport solution, personal delivery, pick-up with appointment or individual couriers, our private courier service is at your disposal. In Switzerland, in our neighbouring countries Austria and Germany as well as in most cities worldwide.

Private courier service for important documents

Do you want to have important documents transported from A to B, ensuring that no unauthorized person has access to your documents or that important documents are lost in the mailing? For pick-up and delivery, order our private courier, who reliably and securely collects your documents from you and transports them personally to the delivery address. You can also hire the private courier driver if you need important company documents from your company at home. Arrange for an uncomplicated pick-up by a private courier driver. The private courier takes care that you can receive the required documents conveniently at your front door on the agreed date.

Sending sensitive documents by post carries various risks. Envelopes can be damaged or even lost during mailing. Often the duration of the mailing is also to be criticized. In particular, if holidays are imminent or the mail barely gets behind the transport of letters and parcels at Easter or Christmas, it is questionable when abandoned shipments arrive at the recipient.

In order to ensure fast and reliable delivery, transport by private courier is a good way to do so. Depending on the distance between sender and recipient, important shipments can be picked up and delivered within a few hours. The private courier driver ensures that your shipment is personally handed over to the eligible recipient and not placed at the door or handed over to the neighbour for convenience.

Express delivery by private courier

If you want to send and have important documents, perishable goods, a bouquet or a gift delivered within a short time, you order an urgent delivery by private courier. Annoying waiting times at the counter in the post office are eliminated and it is ensured that your shipment does not remain in a logistics centre over the weekend or on a public holiday. Since the agency Freiraummanager has built up a global network with reliable partners for more than 20 years and works closely with private courier services, we can organize private courier trips for you at almost all locations – short-term, fast and reliable!

If you would like to see an urgent delivery, we will work for you in Switzerland as well as in European countries such as Germany, Spain, Austria, but also worldwide.

Send fragile shipments securely with private courier

Some things are only partially suitable for mailing. For example, because it is a valuable item or a transport item that is difficult to pack safely for parcel shipping. Want to make sure a fragile shipment arrives safely? We are happy to hire an experienced private courier on your behalf to take care of the safe transport. Whether it’s a homemade cake, your plants, fragile furnishings (e.g. vase or a valuable art item) or a gift.

Unlike in the normal mail van, the private courier concentrates exclusively on your fragile shipment, which is transported directly from A to B. This means efficient time savings for you and drastically minimizes the risk that something will go wrong on the transport route.

Company documents, tools & more can be transported by private courier

Do you work as a self-employed person or in a company and you have to transport important company documents, building plans or work equipment, but there is no driving service? Save time and money by hiring a private courier through our agency.

If you want to ensure that your shipment arrives at the recipient on time and without damage, the private courier service is the best solution. According to your needs, the vehicle will pick up the goods from you and bring it to the desired address without detours and transhipment.

You also benefit from massive time savings when you need work materials, office supplies or new office equipment for your office, but you don’t have the time to go to the specialist store yourself to run your errands. This also applies to the replacement of equipment as well as to the transport of office equipment, file folders or similar items within your branches. The private courier also handles your purchases.

Additional services of the private courier

An immense advantage in the commissioning of private courier drivers is also to be seen in the fact that in addition to transport, other services can be agreed on individual services that are not offered by other service companies in the form.

The private courier literally sees itself as a service provider and handles each customer order individually. This allows individual services and arrangements – far away from opening hours and structural restrictions. Each client is personally looked after and receives a tailor-made service that fully meets the customer’s order.

Order private courier to pick up

Have you shopped to your heart’s content and you don’t want to go home packed with shopping bags and parcels? No problem! In order to bring your purchases safely to your home address or hotel room, you order a private courier to pick them up. This likes to jump in for you wherever you shop, but there is no delivery service.

Let us know in which shop your purchases are to be collected, to which address the private courier should deliver your purchases and agree a binding delivery date with our courier driver. The personal handover takes place according to your wishes – punctual and stress-free.

Shopping service by private courier

You don’t fancy shopping, but you know exactly what you want? In this situation, too, you benefit from the extensive range of services offered by our private courier services. If you would like to use the shopping and delivery service for yourself, let us know which errands the courier should do on your order.

From shopping everyday items such as food, drinks, hygiene items or flowers to laundry services, our courier service reliably handles every order so that you can devote yourself to other things in peace.

Here are some examples of what services you can commission:

  • You make the shopping list; the courier driver takes care of the grocery shopping for you and your family.
  • The courier service buys your drinks for a planned party or celebration and delivers anti-alcoholic drinks, sparkling wine, champagne and spirits to the desired address.
  • If you need a prescription for medicines and the collection of medicines from the pharmacy, the private courier will do your order to collect prescriptions in the doctor’s office and obtain medicines from the pharmacy quickly, reliably and discreetly. This service is especially advantageous if you are lying sick in bed and you are not looking to leave the house.
  • If you want to put your laundry in the cleaning, the private courier takes care of bringing and picking up in or out of the laundry.
  • Pick up shoes, jewellery or watches from the repair – these are also tasks that a private courier does for you – as well as many other messengers.
  • Let the parcels in your packing station be conveniently picked up by the courier driver and brought to your company address or home address.

Of course, in the international metropolises and hotspots of our employees and partners are at your disposal if you need clothes, shoes, jewellery, antiques, luxury items or something else and would like to hire a private courier for this. No matter what your heart desires and whatever your wishes you have, our local partners know the best addresses and know where there is something. From purchase to delivery, the courier will take care of your order. In case of non-please, he also takes over the exchange, so that you do not have any expense.

Hand over gifts and flowers on time

For most men, but also for some women, it is a burden to get great gifts. Not only the selection of a suitable gift is sometimes a challenge, but also the racing from one shop to the next, until one has finally decided on something beautiful. Not to mention the time spent. Because in the department store or in the perfumery, joining the endlessly long queue is really no pleasure, especially since the packing service in the shop takes again precious time. Nor is it a pleasure to have to wait for the florist until the selected bouquet of flowers is bound and lovingly packed. Delegate tasks that you find annoying and take away precious time!

If you want to avoid the stress, just send the private courier to get flowers or gifts. You can either hand them over in person or have them handed over by the private courier. Of course, there is also the possibility that the courier will hand over a handwritten card together with the bouquet or the gift.

Courier service for discrete messengers

The private courier is secretive and discreet. In any situation. Even if it is a piquant matter. You are having an affair and want to pay attention to your lover or your lover without being caught by your wife or husband? Would you like to get a chic lingerie, a nice ring or a great perfume for your lover without being seen shopping? Do you have a surprise for your lover and you want to make sure that it is handed over to him personally and not received by his partner?

Even in such matters, the private courier of the Freiraummanager is fully at your disposal. Regardless of whether the present is to be picked up directly from you or is to be obtained first – with the support of our private courier driver you can rely on absolute reliability and discretion.

You can also hire the private courier for spicy errands, such as picking up videos from a video library or shopping in an erotic shop. You don’t have to expose yourself to the situation of being seen near such a business, nor expose yourself to the risk of unpleasant encounters in a sex shop. Enjoy unrestricted freedom through this form of discretion!

Your private courier – Save time & money

With a private courier driver, numerous tasks can be delegated, which means that you benefit from enormous time savings – whether private or professional. You save time efficiently because you don’t have to queue at a post office or spend your time getting gifts, flowers or other purchases.

In addition, ensure that sensitive documents arrive securely with you or another recipient. In most cities inside and outside Europe it is easily possible to hire our private couriers even in the evening, on weekends and even on public holidays. If you have any questions or would like to hire a courier now, we look forward to hearing from you.

Job offer as a private courier

Are you interested in working as a private courier for our agency and helping us to make the lives of our customers more enjoyable with professional services worldwide? We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better. Further exciting job offers from the Swiss agency Freiraummanager can be found here. (internal link)