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Alibi relationship
10. February 2021
pay anonymously
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10. February 2021

People are increasingly becoming a glass citizen and it hardly matters whether you buy online or offline – personal data is collected and stored permanently everywhere. It almost seems that data is the currency of the future. The data collected can be used to analyse consumer behaviour and to encourage customers to make new purchases with appropriate advertising. Cash payments are becoming increasingly rare, instead paying more frequently online or by credit card. As a result, it is hard to hide which shops you have shopped in and for which products or services you have spent your money. In the case of non-cash payment transactions, a settlement is usually carried out from which information on purchases made or services used can be derived. In addition, the data collected will be retained permanently. For many people, this can become a problem – at least if there is a well-founded interest in the fact that purchases are not comprehensible to third parties for various reasons. If you are also affected, simply use our service if you prefer to pay anonymously.

Discreet shopping & paying anonymously

There are different reasons why people want to pay anonymously. Either because they want to conceal financial expenses from the partner or if you do not want to be a buyer (e.B. of works of art or valuables) you want to be a new owner yourself. Anonymous payment is also possible for data protection reasons and the desire for discretion. For example, if you are a prominent person doing shopping in online shops or shopping in erotic shops.

Especially in online shopping, extensive personal data is collected, which can be problematic for public figures. Every purchase runs the risk that unauthorized third parties could become aware of this and, for example, pass on information to the press. In such a case, a compromising situation would be pre-programmed – but this can be prevented by shopping and paying anonymously!

In order to protect one’s own privacy, there is therefore a comprehensible interest, depending on the personal, professional or social statutes, to make purchases via a straw man and not to make oneself identifiable as a customer by anonymous payment. If you want to know your personal data protected and shop discreetly when shopping online or shopping on site, you can pay completely anonymously through the agency Freiraummanager.

Pay anonymously to protect privacy

A very common reason why people want to pay anonymously is the need for a protected privacy. Men and women who enjoy a certain level of awareness and are in the public eye must always expect that what they are doing will soon be read in the gossip press. This also includes when well-known people have to buy in online shops and thus have to disclose personal data. Although this data is covered by special legal protection, there are always these cases of public disclosure of what politicians, actors, singers or artists are spending their money on because other people who come to such information make it lucrative. Either in the form of blackmail or by selling “explosive” information to the press.

If you are concerned that your neighborhood or journalists will search your household waste for treacherous bills or delivery notes, or if you have a queasy feeling, if you have to disclose your personal data when shopping online, we recommend our service of anonymous payment. This is also recommended if you want to avoid your consumption behavior becoming transparent to third parties based on your credit card statement.

As an alibi agency, we act as a straw man for you and take over the entire handling of your purchases from purchasing to anonymous payment – absolutely discreet and reliable! Of course, we also take care that your ordered goods are discreetly handed over to you.

Your advantages through our shopping service & anonymous payment:

  • Your private data remains absolutely protected.
  • Your purchases do not appear on your bank statements.
  • Your financial expenses will not appear in your next credit card statement.
  • Your identity when buying antiques, art objects or valuables remains secret.
  • No one knows how much money you have spent e.g for a personal gift or an art item.

Pay anonymously: For which purchases do we offer the service?

Our anonymous payment method is eligible for all purchases that are not problematic within the legal framework. We act as a customer, take care of the payment and ensure that your purchases are delivered discreetly to your desired address. Nowhere will your name or address appear to the seller! Use our anonymous shopping and payment service for all purchases that you do not want to make under your name for any reason.

Shopping anonymously in the erotic shop

Especially when it comes to sex toys, erotic videos or similarly spicy products, many buyers want to shop as discreetly as possible. We are happy to handle your virtual shopping tour in the erotic industry for you. We act as buyers and process orders and pay-as-you-go. Nobody knows about ordering love toys, erotic video movies, lingerie and the like online.

Pay gifts for loved ones or loved ones anonymously

You are in a fixed relationship or marriage and want to buy and pay your gifts for the lover or the lover unnoticed? Just assign the agency Freiraummanager with it! We take care of the purchase for you, pay your bills on our behalf, so that the gifts do not appear on the next credit card statement and no invoice flutters into your house.

If you wish, we will commission a private courier on your behalf, who will not only take care of the purchase and payment, but also hand over the gift personally to the recipient. For more information, please see our article Private Courier. (Internal link)

Keep purchase price secret by anonymous payment

Even in partnerships, information about financial circumstances is not always shared with the partner. This often leads the relationship partner to secretly take a look at the bank statements or credit card statements. If you want to avoid your partner seeing what amounts you are spending for specific purposes, you can pay anonymously through us to keep your expenses secret.

Many customers also use this agency’s Freiraummanager service to hide the value of gifts for the wife or husband. If you would like to give a precious gift to your loved one, we will be happy to process the purchase on your behalf up to the payment freeze. Nowhere does the purchase price appear!

Book hotel rooms & pay anonymously

You want to experience a side step or you have a secret affair? Do you long for romantic hours in intimate fellows with your lover? Under normal circumstances, it is hardly possible to book a hotel room and enjoy the romantic hotel stay while respecting absolute discretion. Every time you book a hotel room, a large number of personal data are requested and extensive data about hotel guests is also collected at reception.

For example, the hotel reception often asks for a telephone number, mobile phone number and e-mail address. In addition, hotels are obliged to record the registration address of each hotel guest. Most hotels use the data collected to send advertisements to hotel guests afterwards. In addition, hotels may inform their guests by phone, email or letter mail if clothing or personal items have been forgotten after the hotel stay and after check-out in the hotel room.

In addition, hotel nights will also appear on the credit card statement if the stay has been paid for with the credit card. There are therefore numerous risks that the secret hotel stay will fly in retrospect. To avoid this, there are a few ways to make a hotel reservation discreetly and reliably prevent you from being contacted by the hotel after your hotel stay. Contact us if you wish to book a hotel anonymously and pay anonymously to be absolutely discreet. Find out more about our service “Anonymous Hotel Booking” here.

Buy and pay for art objects anonymously

In the art industry, it is far from uncommon for art lovers to anonymously buy and pay for valuable art objects. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that collectors of art objects often have no interest in other people knowing which art treasures are in their own private possession. On the other hand, anonymous purchases are also intended to minimize the risk of burglary thefts – because valuable works of art are sought after!

If you intend to purchase a valuable art item for your private art collection, we will act as a straw man to make a buyer for you. Of course, we also act as an anonymous buyer at an art auction for you, so that your identity is preserved. No one knows who is behind the purchase of a coveted art object and you, as a private art collector, receive the best possible protection against burglary and theft.

Discreet table transactions for investors

Precious metals are a popular investment. They can be purchased directly from the bank, in special online shops or on site from a precious metal dealer. If you buy gold through the bank, the bank often handles the payment directly from the bank account, so that the purchase and ownership of the gold remains permanently traceable.

The same applies to gold purchases made through online shops. In order to buy precious metals online, a customer account in the precious metal shop is required. This requires entering your personal data. In addition, all payment methods allow conclusions to be drawn as to what and to what extent you were purchased.

For reasons of discretion, many investors refrain from buying collector coins and investment gold through the bank or online shops. Not least because, in the event of a gold ban, it is possible to understand the extent to which investors own gold. Experienced investors therefore rely on the purchase of gold by cash, which is possible anonymously, but is linked to a special legal service.

In most countries, there are legal restrictions on the amount of precious metals such as gold, platinum or silver per bark ramp without identifying the buyer. Through so-called table transactions, investors can make precious metal purchases completely anonymously and discreetly up to a certain amount without the need for personal data to be collected. If the purchase price exceeds this value, you must identify yourself as a buyer by means of identity paper, which is why many investors typically move below this limit when buying cash in the precious metal trade.

If you want to buy investment gold through table shops, however, this requires you to personally go to a precious metal counter to buy gold coins and gold bars by hand and pay in cash. Investors who regularly want to invest precious metal below this threshold in gold often lack the time or desire to go to the precious metal counter again and again to handle table transactions and to take care of the purchase of investment gold themselves. Or there is a desire not to be seen entering the premises of a precious metal trader.

You can easily hire employees of the agency Freiraummanager to handle your table business. Completely discreet and absolutely legal! Our agency, based in Switzerland, will of course also work for you in other European countries and beyond the borders of Europe.

Anonymous pay & enjoy freedom

Most people claim they have nothing to hide. But almost everyone has small or bigger secrets here and there to enjoy more freedom for themselves or to protect their own privacy. This very often includes financial matters that one does not want to disclose to third parties. Whether it’s keeping a side step or an affair. Even if your own consumer behaviour, purchases of certain goods or investments in works of art and other investment objects are to be kept secret, our service offers the right options to pay anonymously.

Find out now free of charge and without obligation – we will advise you personally and discreetly. Contact us by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail. Of course, we treat your request as well as every single customer order with absolute discretion!