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mystery shopping
Mystery Shopping
10. February 2021
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10. February 2021
mystery shopping
Mystery Shopping
10. February 2021
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10. February 2021

The Internet has changed people’s buying habits enormously and offers an enormous variety to customers, retailers and service companies. Countless business owners and service providers are moving their businesses to the Internet or expanding their local operations with an online offering. Consumers have much better comparison options, as they can compare products, services and prices not only at home in established shops, but also in all the many online shops, and also to submit reviews after a purchase. The stores rely on customer reviews, as positive reviews and meaningful reviews from verified shoppers boost sales. Negative show valuations, however, reduce sales and thus sales. Many shop operators are therefore looking for a way to buy positive reviews to increase sales on sales platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, as well as to upgrade the rating profiles on Trustpilot, Tripvisor and Facebook.

Below we inform you about the possibilities of:

  • Google Reviews
  • Shop reviews
  • Portal reviews (e.g. automobiles, real estate)
  • Reviews on sales platforms
  • Verified Amazon reviews
  • Positive Facebook reviews and comments
  • Positive reviews for real estate platforms
  • Positive recommendations on review platforms for gastronomy positive comments and likes on Instagram & Twitter

If you have any other evaluation options, do not hesitate to contact our agency with your specific request. At and you can buy positive reviews.

The Internet – the new variety of shopping

Until the age of the Internet, there were only limited comparisons for consumers when it came to the choice of products, shops and prices. Customers looking for a product had limited shopping and comparison opportunities, but no evaluation options, nor the option to shop online nationwide or across borders. Shopping was mainly limited to local shops, supermarkets and mail order companies, which offered their goods in a product catalogue.

Online reviews are replacing mouth-to-mouth recommendations more and more frequently

Those who were interested in a particular product or service could only get a limited overview of quality and value for money at that time. At most, one could inform oneanother after a recommendation or buy “on good luck”.

Local shops benefited from word-of-mouth propaganda when they offered high-quality products, attractive prices and services that ensured high customer satisfaction. Today, it is mainly positive reviews that stimulate buying.

Under no circumstances is the rating system limited to online shopping experiences only. Also, those who consume offline by dining in a restaurant as a guest, who use medical treatments, have a new hairstyle made in a hair salon or stay in a hotel can submit negative and positive reviews via evaluation portals on the Internet.

Positive customer reviews turn interested parties into customers

The Internet opened up a completely new shopping experience: Customers have been searching nationwide or beyond for products and services of all kinds. Comparison portals, rating portals and shop reviews allow a direct comparison between offered goods, prices and service of the providers – and also the evaluation of the shopping experience. Customers who have purchased in an online shop use the rating function to share their experiences with other prospective buyers. These, in turn, often decide whether and in which shops they shop based on negative and positive reviews.

How do customers and online shops benefit from reviews and customer reviews?

Reviews serve as a guide for the consumer interested in buying and decide whether an interested consumer becomes a customer and makes a purchase or not. Valuations have become one of the most important selling tools. Providers who receive many positive reviews can look forward to numerous sales deals. The relationship between negative and positive reviews has a direct impact on consumer confidence and is thus one of the most important tools for customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Shop operators therefore have a comprehensible interest in motivating their customers to rate and it is also all too understandable if shop owners want to buy positive reviews in order to increase sales and compete with their competitors.

Review comments act as buying advice

Those interested in buying benefit from the fact that shops receive many reviews. Customers can usually not only rate negatively or positively, but also leave reviews describing the advantages and disadvantages of the product. It is equally helpful when customers leave their opinions on the service or the service used. Every prospective buyer can read through the comments and weigh up for themselves whether the product, the shop or the service corresponds to their own expectations. This in turn creates enormous pressure on shop operators and service providers to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, which usually leads to high quality standards.

New online shops have a hard time due to low customer ratings

However, for shop operators who open a new shop, the rating system is a major hurdle because they do not yet have a confidence-enhancing valuation profile. On the one hand, they have too few reviews overall and are therefore disadvantageed compared to large shops with thousands of dealer reviews.

On the other hand, even a negative rating can massively worsen the valuation average, so that interested customers prefer to opt for an already established shop, which can have significantly more reviews and also convinces with a better rating average. Shop operators in particular, who are new to the market and do not yet have a meaningful valuation profile, are looking for ways to buy positive reviews in order to increase sales figures.

In addition, there is the problem that the valuation profile on different sales platforms has a direct impact on the rankings. The more and better the customers rate a webshop, the more often it is displayed to prospective buyers, while hardly any customer is made aware of new shops.

Dissatisfied customers rate more often

However, not every customer evaluates their shopping experience. The motivation to rate a shop or service online in case of dissatisfaction is significantly higher than that of buyers who are completely satisfied. In forums where shop operators exchange ideas, it is not uncommon to read that only a fraction of buyers use the rating function. The numbers vary – the rate of dealer valuations is expected to be around 1%. Even a negative customer opinion can cause your sales to stagnate or plummet.

New shops can therefore still work as well, successfully and customer-oriented in the sales area – nevertheless, young valuation profiles do not have a sales-promoting effect, because new shops lack visible reputation. Buying positive reviews is therefore an efficient measure to better position yourself in the market and boost business.

Buy positive reviews & benefit from real testimonials

Purchased reviews are generally illegal and are generally considered misleading to the consumer by consumer protection and legislators. However, there are also perfectly legal methods if you want to buy reviews of real customers and positive reviews. The agency Freiraummanager offers shop operators and commercial dealers in local locations individual solutions for positive reviews and reviews for online shops and service companies.

Our employees are experienced reviewers who know exactly what is important for a meaningful and fair customer review. As an agency, we make sure that you generate real purchases and authentic reviews through your platform. It is a complex but effective and legal procedure that can increase sales.

Increase your sales with 5-star ratings

In our database we have hundreds of female and male customers who are registered and active in numerous rating portals and rating platforms. According to the interests, these ladies and gentlemen become real customers of your business in order to be able to submit verified reviews and reviews. Since these real customers are those who rate online purchases or even offline services anyway, this can significantly increase your chances of winning 5-star ratings. Contact us if you want to improve your rating profile and increase your sales! Generate real product reviews with our professional support.

Buy positive reviews – the process

Are you looking for a solution to expand your rating profile, encourage your customers to evaluate and also to generate sales-promoting 5-star reviews and good customer reviews? It is best to contact us by e-mail or telephone so that we can advise you promptly and comprehensively.

If you would like to buy positive reviews in order to increase your sales, please send us in your enquiry by e-mail the corresponding link to your product or to your online shop or movement profile as well as the goal you are aiming for, so that we can get an overview in advance and make you a suitable offer. We estimate whether, how and in what period of time we can set up an appropriate campaign for you to achieve the goals you have set.

As part of our cooperation, a concrete agreement is required to jointly discuss and plan the right strategy for your company and your individual valuation profile. All reviews submitted via our test buyers are handwritten and relate individually to your product or service.

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse orders if they are not practicable for legal reasons. As an experienced agency, we only accept orders where we can support our customers with verified customers as well as authentic positive reviews and real reviews. We attach great importance to ensuring that you only receive top reviews from real test customers! Because the best fake reviews are not helpful if they are not credible and authentic to communicate with your customers or are perceived by buyers as fake reviews.

For this reason, we ask for your understanding that we usually only offer a certain amount of contingents of real product reviews and store reviews that correspond to an authentic rating profile. Of course, we make sure that purchased positive reviews are timed based on your natural rating profile, so that not all handwritten reviews are done in one fell swoop.

Also a matter of course: the reporting for each of your orders. We inform you about every positive review made by our test customers in order to guarantee you absolute transparency at all times.

Buy reviews – for which companies is this possible?

The agency Freiraummanager offers real product reviews and real shop reviews beyond the national borders. If you want to buy positive reviews, this is feasible for your online shop as well as for your offline business. Here are some examples of which 5-star store reviews, product reviews, and service reviews you can commission through us:

  • Onlineshop Reviews
  • Reviews of Bars
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Hotel reviews
  • Clinic ratings
  • Doctor reviews

Thanks to our constantly growing network, we are able to offer you real reviews on all major platforms in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and many other countries. We are your experienced partner when it comes to qualitative review and rating management!

Good reviews – with us you can reach your goals

The 5-star rating system has prevailed and those who are on average below a 4-star rating have a hard time attracting interested customers as buyers and convincing them of their own service. It’s all too human that people decide whether to buy in this or that store based on real reviews.

Upgrade your rating profile if you’ve received few customer reviews so far, or if you’ve even pushed down the average of your ratings, even unfair customers or even disgruntled former employees.

By buying real positive reviews and enabling your customers to better assess your products and service through authentic feedback from other customers, you can increase your sales and thus increase your sales. Avoid revenue slumps and improve your ranking by improving your reputation.

If you would like more information on how you can legally buy positive reviews through our agency for your online shop or service company, we are always available to you by e-mail, WhatsApp as well as for a personal or telephone consultation. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!