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10. February 2021
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10. February 2021

If you are looking for a performer for professional or private purposes, you can book an actor through our agency. For more than 2 decades, the alibi agency Freiraummanager has been providing professional service providers in a wide range of fields. During this period, we have succeeded in establishing a broad network of partners not only at our location in Switzerland, but worldwide, so that you can also book male and female actors across borders.

Book an actor – for which occasions?

The reasons why people want to hire an actor through our agency are very different. In the private sphere, it is often a matter of creating an alibi through the performer in order to distract from an affair, an escapade or one’s own homosexuality. Performers are also booked in the professional field, either not having to show up alone for a company event, to advance their careers or to get a desired impression with business partners, customers or fans.

In the following we will go into some examples of real customer orders of our agency in order to give you an insight into the purposes for which our clients rent actors and what possibilities this opens up for you.

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Booking an actor is unique, repeated, by the hour, by the day and over longer periods of time up to the permanent double life (internal link) – just as you need it.

Book actors for private purposes

Clients who contact our agency with a particular concern are often in a tricky situation from which there seems to be no way out. Often our clients find themselves in a delicate life situation or in an emotional emergency, because they may have allowed themselves a misstep or are constantly questioned by third parties or even pushed into the corner.

We have been working as an alibi agency for more than 20 years and have been able to help in countless situations. No matter with which problem and concern clients turn to the agency Freiraummanager: With individual solutions, we support our clients in finding a way out of the situation or creating new spaces for a more livable and fulfilling life.

Together with the client, we develop a solution strategy and coordinate every detail with the booked actor, so that he will play his role perfectly as commissioned.

Clients contact us because e.g.:

  • The partner is jealous.
  • The partner reacts with jealousy to another woman.
  • The family expects to finally have a relationship.
  • The social environment speculates about whether you are gay.
  • Of course, there are also positive concerns that can be realized with the appointment of a professional actor.
  • Are you planning a great surprise for a birthday child?
  • Would you like to stop your lady’s hand in an original way or make a romantic marriage proposal to your fiancé?
  • Are you preparing a party where you want to hire professional actors as mood makers?
  • Have you long dreamed of surprising someone with a flashmob?

Also, in order to conquer a flirt partner for themselves, actors and actors are

Actresses booked. Actor book to save the relationship

One of the most common reasons why people hire an actor from us is to want to save their own relationship. In the past, there has been a sidestep or an affair. This happens and does not always mean that you no longer love your partner. The person who has cheated on his partner has little chance of proving that nothing is going on. The distrust and jealousy remains. In order to be able to save your own partnership, you sometimes have to reach deep into the trick box. After all, once mistrust has arisen, it is difficult to regain the former trust.

In such a tricky situation, it can be extremely helpful to book an actor for the lover or ex-girlfriend in order to reassure your partner that there is no reason for jealousy. Also, as a woman, you can soothe your partner’s jealousy in the same way by booking an actress who appears as the other man’s new lover or permanent partner.

Even if there were no affairs or side jumps in the relationship, some people tend to be gratuitous jealousy. In the case of unfounded jealousy, it may also make sense to stage a spectacle to smooth the waves.

Caught on the sideline – Book actors & create alibi

Have you made a one-off misstep, which you now deeply regret? Were you caught going outside because you were seen in the hotel or restaurant? Are you afraid that the person who caught you in flagranti and saw you holding hands or kissing could tell your partner about it?

Come before that so that you can live without fear. In such an explosive situation, a hard-hitting alibi by a professional actor or by a professional actress will help you. Together we rewrite the script and construct a credible alibi for you, in which the actor you book takes on the role of alibi donor. With the fake alibi you deceive your absence and thus also a white vest.

He or she confirms that you were somewhere else on the day and time in question and it may be impossible to see you flirting in the hotel or restaurant. In doing so, we tailor the acting role individually to your personal situation, so that no one has any doubt that your truth might not be true.

For example, you can book the actor to act as your friend, work colleague, manager, or business partner to help you get a credible alibi. If necessary, we can also prove your truth with documents if you want to pretend to participate in a seminar, workshop or business trip as an alibi. In the face of a credible witness and presentable written documents, who will suspect that this is a factual alibi and an actor as a witness!?

Book actors & fake relationship

The situations in which our clients book a performer could not be more different. While some clients cover up side jumps and affairs through the convincing portrayal of an actor, there are also clients who, for various reasons, want to fake a relationship.

The pretense of a relationship may seem strange at first. But in fact, there are people who have a legitimate interest in playing a sembsom towards third parties. In most cases, this is due to the desire not to have to constantly answer questions about one’s own relationship status. For example, when the social environment speculates about why you are still single or because you fear being socially excluded because of homosexuality.

Unfortunately, men and women who are attracted to the same sex continue to face prejudice and concrete disadvantages. A typical example is the search for housing. If you are a gay couple looking for a common apartment, you have a very hard time in the housing market. Not every landlord accepts a same-sex couple as tenants and prefers singles or a heterosexual couple instead. In order to increase the chances of a tenancy, it may make sense to show up with an attractive female companion or a good-looking man to visit the apartment and to play the appearance of a happy couple with common future plans. If you get the promise for the apartment, it no longer matters with whom you are in a relationship after your move-in.

By pretending to be a “normal” partnership, many things can be simplified, annoying questions about private life can be avoided and more freedom can be gained for one’s own way of life. This is true even if you have an annoying admirer or if a man gives you advances, even though you have no interest whatsoever. Imagine a relationship with a booked actor to finally be left alone.

Starting difficulties in flirting: Actors book to convince themselves

This is another example of frequent customer enquiries. Single men and single women would like to book an actor with us to get ahead of flirting. The actor appears opposite the adored or to the lady of the heart as best friend, best friend or work colleague to tell some nice things about our customer or our customer. Such personal advocacy can overcome starting difficulties while flirting and break the ice faster.

Book actors for parties, parties and events

Whether it’s a garden party, birthday party, New Year’s Eve party, wedding or any other event – fear that your event may not have too few guests or that the right atmosphere might not arise, if you hire a few actors. The booked performers mix as “real” guests among your company and contribute significantly to making your event a complete success.

Our experienced actors know how to chat nicely with the other guests, to invite the ladies and gentlemen present to dance and to ensure a good atmosphere. Of course, concrete agreements are possible, which appearance you want from our actors – the professional actors from the register of the agency Freiraummanager slip into every role desired by the customer. Rent actors now for your private event – as friends, acquaintances and mood makers!

Further information can be found in our article “Renting a Bridesmaid” (internal link) – in addition to the bridesmaid, you can also book groomsmen and guests for your wedding to celebrate together with a large wedding party.

Play Refined Pranks & Pranks

Do you know someone in your environment who you really want to wipe one out or play a prank? Bring a professional actor on board to make your plan a reality. Are you not only lacking “accomplices” with acting talent, but you also lack a good idea how to prank and put the person in? We will also help you with this.

As alibi agents, we are endowed with an almost inexhaustible wealth of ideas and have gained an enormous wealth of experience over the past 20 years, which we are happy to draw on to assist you with advice and deeds. From funny pranks to proper thinking sheets – as long as it moves within the legal framework, anything is possible.

Extraordinary wedding proposal: Actor and Flashmob book

Would you like to make an unforgettable wedding proposal for your partner? Involve hired actors, amateur actors and comparators as accomplices in order to get your loved one or your loved one to say yes through a romantic request. We are happy to help you write a great script for an absolutely brilliant wedding proposal. Let’s come up with a great plan together to make your better half the most romantic proposal of all time.

How about a spectacular flash mob that suddenly emerges out of nowhere in the shopping arcade and opens the heart of your loved one or your loved one before your romantic request through a musical singing insert or a dance?

Do you need an alibi so that you can secretly take care of the preparations for the wedding proposal as well as the wedding preparations and the planning of the honeymoon? Do you secretly want to take a dance class before the wedding in order to surprise your bride or groom with a stage-ready dance?

While you take care of everything in peace, we make sure that you have a hard-hitting alibi so that no misunderstandings or unfounded jealousy arise. We provide you with a professional actor who confirms professional appointments, a business trip or participation in a further education course.

Would you like to book comparators to have your wedding party on a larger scale or are you missing bridesmaids? You can also rent wedding guests and bridesmaids from us.

Engage an actor for professional purposes

As in the private sector, actors are also booked for professional purposes. Whether you want to follow an invitation with an escort or if you want to help your professional career on the up. Our range of services is aimed at clients who want to fake a partnership, want more public attention or want to stimulate the marketing of their own products through interested customers.

The following examples show for which client orders the professional actors, amateur actors and comparators have already worked on behalf of the agency Freiraummanager.

Invitation with accompanying person: The right accompaniment for every business occasion

In business life, it is common for invitations to be issued for a business lunch or a ceremonial corporate event with an accompanying person. Clients who either cannot rely on suitable support or fear disadvantages due to a same-sex partnership if they accept the professional invitation with their partner often resort to an actor for rent.

Behind this is the absolutely understandable desire not to let rumours about private life arise. Society still expects men to appear with a gentleman in the company of a woman and a woman.

  • Your partner has no desire to accompany you on business appointments?
  • You don’t have anyone by your side to accompany you to business events?
  • Do you want to leave your relationship partner out of your professional life?

We are looking for a suitable actor or actress who is available for you as a social accompaniment. Of course, we provide you with a professional who is safe in the company of business people and who is adequately involved in table discussions.

Be a star & hire fans

Whether you want to experience the feeling and fame of being a star, or whether you’re just at the beginning of your career as a star, enthusiastic fans who cheer you up and are chasing autographs from you are really boosting your career and helping you climb the professional career ladder in the public spotlight.

Make use of our range of services if you need a crowd of fans to perform on the red carpet to enhance your celebrity status. We organize actors and comparators in the desired age group for you, who will appear as screaming fans during their performance in the lightning storm! Hire real actors as fans who ask you to sign autographs or take selfies in front of the press cameras. Further information can also be found in our articles “Renta crowd” and “Be a star”. (internal links)

Young artists in particular, who are not yet in the public spotlight, have a hard time convincing other people of their art. In most cases, the public focus is only drawn when a certain level of awareness has already been achieved.

Conversely, this often means that those who are not yet famous will never become famous. Emerging artists therefore use the tried and tested means of attracting more attention to themselves and their artistic talent through the commitment of actors and comparators. Take the opportunity now to help your career as an artist on the up. Book actors and comparators!

Positive impact on sales at sales events

They are launching a new product, the demand of which has so far been rather low. In the business world, the credo still applies: supply determines demand. However, it’s no secret: the more a new product is hyped, the more coveted it becomes. If you are planning a product presentation for your new products, you should book some actors in addition to the invited guests in order to increase the enthusiasm and demand. With the presence of a larger circle of interested parties and invited guests, your presentation event will receive more attention and a greater media response.

Pretending to have a double life

Do you pursue a profession that enjoys little recognition or is even rejected by society? In particular, men and women working in the erotic sector have had to experience many negative experiences because of the profession they are doing.

In order to avoid social exclusion or social ostracism, we recommend our clients to stage a professional double life. The pretending of another, one “serious” activity ends the speculations and condemnations! In close cooperation with real companies and actors, we know how to help you to a different and well-respected professional vita.

If you work as a callboy, dominatomy, cam girl, Essort-Lady or in a comparable job, we develop a professional double life for you. We build a legend for you, which we support with business cards, stationery and actors who act as customers and confirm your fictitious activity as an alibi donor. While you leave others believing that you are working as a photographer, translator or merchant, you can continue to pursue your usual professional activity without anyone asking unpleasant questions or burdening your life with wild speculation.

Book actors now and finally enjoy life

The examples mentioned above have given you a small impression of the circumstances in which actors’ involvement can help to resolve sensitive situations in private life, to make other people happy, to gain advantages in the profession or to avoid disadvantages.

Are you in a situation that seems hopeless, do you need an alibi to escape an unpleasant situation or are you looking for a solution to advance your professional career? No matter what specific needs you have at the time – as a professional alibi dealer, we always find an individual solution for you! In addition to our range of services “Renting Actors”, we offer numerous other tailor-made services.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you individually – via WhatsApp, phone, e-mail or in a personal conversation under four eyes. Contact us now!